Creating livable exterior spaces.

Sustainable Deisgn and Consulting llc is available to design your yard

Sustainable Design and Consulting llc emphasizes the importance of personalized service. We meet with each client to see to their needs and wants in their landscape and outdoor space.  Our attention to detail and creative flair brings out the beauty in our client’s residence.


We encourage clients to learn a little bit about their landscape and the environment. Click the link below to download our free E-books hat lets you explore different topics of the Florida landscape. 

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"Outdoor spaces exclusively for her."                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                

After a hectic day at work or a unusually rough day with the children, let her escape to her own private oasis in the yard. Here, she can get away from it all and simply relax, having quiet time for herself and herself alone.


Entertain, Relax, Enjoy!

This client, in a condo with a backyard, wanted a patio space for multiple purposes. This couple wanted an area for outdoor entertaining with a fire pit about which they could arrange outdoor furniture. They also needed an enclosed space for their dogs.   Holes were drilled into the curb that held the pavers in place which would allow for a removable fence to be erected in minutes for the dogs. Paver and wood benches were proposed for additional seating, as well a large planter for a palm. A hedge was planted around the patio paver area to provide some privacy.

Not just Curb Appeal

This client wasn't happy with the developers installed landscape that came with her new home. Wanting more than just pretty plants for the front of her house, this client wanted a front yard to come home to that would signify paradise for her. 

Trpocials, Tropicals, Tropicals!!!!

With a love for tropical plants, this client wanted a barrier around her pool for privacy and beauty. 

The area was designed primarily with topography change, a raised bed that curved around the back of her enclosed pool area.   Centering the main palm along the axis of the pool fountain, it was complimented with a palm at each corner and a variety of large leafed plants through-out, giving the unmistakable feel of a tropical paradise.  

The tropical flare was incorporated on the interior of the screened in area, using a number of tropical plants in glazed pots.

A Churrasco and Butterlies

This particular client hailed from Brazil and wanted to bring his cultural flavor to his backyard with a Churrasco, a Brazilian Grill.  Also wanting privacy, he wanted an area where he could entertain guest.. His wife, also from Brazil was an avid butterfly enthusiast that craved a butterfly garden, yearning for the beautiful butterflies from back home.  

The design, constrained by limited space, incorporated a paver area, with seat walls. An arbor, which would provide shade in the summer months, was designed based on the anatomy of a butterfly with the planter and the proposed grill at its base.  A privacy fence was designed with horizontal slates.  A subtle detail was proposed in which the end pieces of the wood slates were painted the colors of the Brazilian Flag. LED lighting was also proposed to be incorporated into the fence which would simulate the star constellations found on the Brazilian Flag.  Proposed outdoor lighting was hung to complete the space for nighttime entertainment purposes.  Finally, specialty plants were proposed with-in the landscape to attract butterflies.

There to Relax

This client wanted to compliment her  pool area with a backyard where she could enjoy the shade and relax with a degree of privacy. The design called for a reduction of the existing grass area with shrub planting to provide an area of seclusion. A bench placed under the great oaks and an arbor situated right off the pool area afforded seating where she could relax.